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We both were born with a lot of love for animals.
Zsuzsa’s mother comes from an old Hungarian aristocrat family so she – together with her sister who is very active in animal protection – spent their childhood on the country with many kind of animals. Both, mother and father, who was chief doctor at the Traumatology, teached both daughters for loving and respecting every living creatures.
Just few years after the University Zsuzsa founded a small company where she is still working together with her family.

Attila is a big fond of the wonderful ancient Hungarian breed, the Kuvasz. When he was a child he always kept a Kuvasz. Attila was studying at the University of Dramatic Art where he learned film producing. He was working many years in the Hungarian Television.
In the year 1985 Attila made his judges licence and judged in many countries of Europe and Asia.
Together with Zsuzsa they are leading their own small company.
We have a son together and Attila tries to keep him far away from the crazy dog world.
Everybody, who once got in touch with Attila, knows, that HUMOR is his ars poetica.

We got our first Newfoundland Ch Umberto Ugo v.d. Miquelon in 1984. The breeder, Mrs Eva Pacsay didn’t let any doubt about the fact that it will be necessary to show „Miki”. At his first show he became Junior winner. This was the start and there is no halt since that time……….
Certainly when you once show succesful you start thinking about breeding. To a male you need a good bitch….. We purchased our fist bitch, the beautiful MultiCh Eliza Dolittle v. Schwarzen Baren (breeder: Mrs. Eva Obojes) in 1986 . Eliza could win even today in the show ring. Eliza was 25 times BOB and BIS at the biggest International Show in Budapest over 5000 dogs. Not bad for a girl!
It was clear for us very soon that there is a big difference between Miki’s and Eliza’s appearance. We’ve never used Miki in the breeding. In Eliza’s first (and only one) litter was born the foundation bitch of our kennel, the EurCh, HCh, IntCh Midnight Lady’s African Star. She was a great producing bitch. She had two litters and she gave us MultiCh Midnight Lady’s Captain Cousteau in the first and MultiCh Midnight Lady’s Diorissimo in her second litter!
We breed very limited. Our firm belief is: quality is much more important than quantity! Our girls have one, but maximum 2 litters in their lives. This is the reason, why - in spite of the relatively great number of the dogs we always keep- we had only 23 homebred litters till now.
Every 23 litters were (are) very succesful. We had ourstanding dogs in each litter and with very few exceptions just show qualities!! The fact is, that our homebred Midnight Lady dogs have achieved – just until now! – 168 champion titles and several Best in Shows.
We can pridefully report that 36 of the entered 82 dogs at the European show in 2005 were Midnight Lady dogs or dogs out of Midnight Lady lines and they did very well without exeption!
We are very fortunate that we can keep on producing quality dogs.
Our first very succesful dog was MultiCh Midnight Lady’s Captain Cousteau who was one of the first dogs that embodied the trend. The most famous dog was without any doubt our MultiCh MultiBIS Midnight Lady’s Especially for You „Skippy” who was Top Producing dog in the US and Top Winning dog in Europe. Skippy is the sire of the Westminster BIS „Josh” (from the 6 handled dogs at the Westminster 4 dogs had Midnight Lady sires: Ch Midnight Lady’s Especially for You, Ch Midnight Lady’s Ghost Buster, Ch Midnight Lady’s Express Yourself.)
The biggest success in our eyes was that in the year 99 at the National in the US our „Bubble” MultiCh BIS BISS Midnight Lady’s Early Evening Star went Winners , BOW among almost 1000 Newfies, in 2002 her daughter „Lolly” MultiCh, BIS, BISS Midnight Lady’s Like the Wind Winners, BOW and Select with 22 month among almost 800 Newfies and this year her 20 month old daughter „Babe” Midnight Lady’s Piece of my Heart went R.Winners at the National! 3 generations!!!
In the past years our star in the confimation ring was our MultiCh MultiBIS BISS Midnight Lady’s My Heart goes Boom „Snob”. He is a very special and unique dog. His biggest succes was winning BOG and R.BOG at the same weekend at the huge show (5000 dogs each days) at the East Coast in Trenton. Now it’s his kids’ turn!
In most of the cases we use linebreeding but if necessary, we use outcross as well. We have never used inbreeding until now. As we see in Europe it is very much „in” to use inbreeding to the Midnight Lady lines. We are convicted that it is very dangerous without the information only us the breeders own!
Many breeders like using MidnightLady dogs or dogs out of Midnight Lady lines because their quality is already fixed.
We do not breed our girls that much. We do not see any sense to „produce” more puppies.

We are not a „big kennel”. The highest limit in our kennel is 12-14 dogs (including our Kuvasz!) We try to limit ourselves!

We just would like to continue and keep what we achieved. This is the most difficoult thing.
There are many things to be improved. Breeding of Newfoundlands is not for people with bad nerves!
To us a Newfoundland is an impressive, powerful ,big dog with big bones and substance . It is a well balanced, very elegant dog that is always a potentional competitor in the show ring! The head is (a sin the case of all the other breeds) very important. We like many styles of heads, but they must have a face and a sweet expression.
Of course, there is no perfect dog existing. Our experience is that it is always up to the breeder what fault he/she thinks it is serious or what he/she can tolarate. Anyhow,
we have to follow our standard. We think maybe more liberal about many things. There is one thing where we do not know any compromise: this is the agressivity.
We devote a big part of our lives to this passion. We do not think it is a sacrifice. The most important thing we gained is that the world grew wider.
We see many people that live their lives only for dogs and shows. They are not interested in anything else. They have all their sucesses and fiaskos in this unreal world. They have a completely different scale of values than „normal people” do. We cannot agree.
Owning dogs teached us a lot of good things: love without conditions, respect of the nature and everything that is living, responsibility……..
Breeding is art, creativity…. We enjoy it very much!

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